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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Give It All You`Ve Got-Catalogue-(Loompanics-Usa-1998)

Loompanics Unlimited was an American bookseller and publisher specializing in nonfiction on generally unconventional or controversial topics. The topics in their title list included drugs, weapons, anarchism, sex, conspiracy theories, and so on. Many of their titles describe some kind of illicit or extralegal actions, such as Counterfeit I.D. Made Easy, while others are purely informative, like Opium for the Masses. Loompanics was in business for nearly 30 years. The publisher and editor was Michael Hoy.
Mike Hoy started Loompanics Unlimited in East Lansing, Michigan, in 1975.[1][2] He later moved the business to Port Townsend, Washington, where his friend and fellow publisher R.W. Bradford had earlier located.
In January 2006, Loompanics announced that it was going out of business, and that it was selling off its inventory. In the spring of 2006, Paladin Press announced that it acquired the rights to 40 titles previously published or sold by Loompanics, including the works of Claire Wolfe, Eddie the Wire, and other popular Loompanics authors.[3](from wikipedia) click me

Monday, 15 January 2018

DECA-Estinzione-(Minus Habens-Italy-c46-1989)

Deca is the project of Italian sound artist Federico De Caroli- active since at least 1986 he has been creating a rather large opus of releases in the realms of experimental electronic music... to quote elsewhere: "Deca is the musical "alchemist" (as he is known in Italy) Federico De Caroli. He has gradually moved from the spacey and melodic style reminiscent of Jarre and Tangerine Dream that dominated his early works to a more experimental sound, involving elements of industrial, noise, "musique concrete" and even Dark Ambient." 
His official webpage is here, where you can read the bio, discography, concerts,concepts, side projects and much more.
This tape was released in a limited edition of  77 copies in 1989, and it is a kind of soundtrack for the book with the same name written by Federico himself 2 years earlier.
Minus Habens Records is the legendary Italian industrial and dark ambient label founded by Ivan Iusco in 1987 and still alive and kicking, its webpage is here.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday, 13 January 2018

TROPICAL NIGHTMARE-Demo-(Beleza Discos-UK-2014)

Tropical Nightmare is a new band from London while trying to get into a music agreement, from the premises of playing punk music, they reach a climax of post-hardcore mixing crust and doomish-hellish music.
This demo came out with a lyrics insert in English and Portuguese, their Bandcamp page is here where you will find also their last album released in 2016.
Enjoy it.

Friday, 12 January 2018

v.a.-The Negative Communication Age-(Double Vinyl-Amen Prod.-Italy-1990)

Great double lp compilation released by the incredible Amen productions, I wrote about it when I posted the magazines Amen-This Is Religgion n6 and Number 5.This amazing label: Amen THX1138  was Founded by Roberto Marchioro in 1983. Abbreviated as 'Amen'. Mostly Industrial and Experimental bands. Records released through the obscure Italian fanzine 'Amen' in the 80's.
This double lp includes a nice selection of tracks and artists playing abstract, industrial, ambient and noise music. 
Enjoy it.
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A1 La Fura Dels Baus Aigua 9:20
A2 The Tapes Tanz Fabrik 4:00
A3 Phaeton Derniere Danse* L'Alignement Dans Le Septième Ciel 5:00
A4 S. Core* Shame Mask 3:50
B1 Officine Schwartz G.R.U. 5:40
B2 Le Syndicat Matrix Massacra 8:10
B3 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe Dusty Shivers On The Threshold Of A New District 7:55
B4 Etant Donnes* Cette Rose Qui Tourne Au Dessous De Mon Coeur 2:34
C1 F.A.R.* Orgia 7:30
C2 Phaeton Derniere Danse* N'Espère Plus Ton Corps 3:35
C3 Cranioclast Still Unknown 8:59
C4 S. Core* Millstone 5:15
D1 Tasaday Crisalide 7:00
D2 Etant Donnes* Transparente Nature 5:05
D3 MGZ I Don't Love 3:30
D4 Teatrino Della Volpe Vado Lungo Il Fiume 4:40
D5 Teatrino Della Volpe La Casa Rossa 4:35



Comes in a gatefold sleeve with an 80-page b&w A4 magazine including texts and graphics from the participating artists and the floppy/flexible disc and a THX 1138 bound by a rubber band.
Handmade cover, exist in different colors as green, blue, yellow, red.
Some copies are pressed on transparent vinyl.

Track B1 recorded at Suonovivo - Bergamo, March 1989.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

THE BRISTLES-Ban The Punkshops-(Gothik Party Tapes-France-1985)

The Bristles” is a raw punk band formed in 1982 in Landskrona, Sweden. The name comes from GBH 12″ Leather, Bristles, Studs,and Acne. The band formed in the beginning of the second wave of punk, influenced by bands like The Exploited and developed from punk with Oi!-influences to a raw punk band (in Swedish, råpunk). Together with Swedish bands like Asta Kask, Sötlimpa, Existenz, Moderat Likvidation, Noncens, EATER, Anti Cimex and many others, the Bristles were the new breed of fast playing bands that released mostly singles, and did a lot of gigging. The band broke up in 1985. The band briefly reunited in 1996, and later in 2008. In 2012, the band’s second album, Bigger than Punk, was released.(from Discogs)click me

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Bald Cactus #30-(Fanzine-UK-2013)

Number 30 of this historical fanzine that started in 1988.
Andy is still running it with his usual humor and critics: writing about hunt saboteurs, punk bands and other interesting subjects. 

In this issue interviews with Dry Heaves, Revulsion, Acid Drop, Eat Defeat, P.r.o.b.l.e.m.s., reviews of zines and CDs and a report about hunt saboteurs activities.

32 pages full of great stuff to fill up your mind.
Enjoy it. 

Friday, 5 January 2018

NECROPHONIE-Sm0002-(Sottomondo Edizioni-Italy-2006)

Another great production by the two Italian noise-masters, this is, in fact, an amazing collaboration by Devis Granziera (Teatro Satanico) and Marco Corbelli alias Atrax Morgue.
  I have already posted an old tape by this project, in which they use the name Nekrophilia. 
It was released with a 12 full-color pages booklet (not included here), and it was recorded in 1996, 1997 and 2006.
If you are into industrial noise and esoteric electronic madness than you will probably love this one.
Enjoy it.
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