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Monday, 19 February 2018

DEAD BODY LOVE-Prayers For The Sick-(Slaughter Productions-Italy-c60-1995)

Dead Body Love is one of the names used by the noise artist Gabriele Giuliani, active since the early 90s He has been using other monikers too: Alzheimer T.V., Discordance, Drift (5), Gabriele Giuliani, Gridlock (5), Oleoresin Capsicum.
On this tape, we`ll find 3 tracks of pure noise aggression.Well crafted and ready for the attack.
Some people call this music death industrial.
Slaughter Productions was the label managed by Marco Corbelli aka Atrax Morgue, releasing mostly his own music and few other associated noise artists. 
Enjoy it.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Bite The Hand That Feeds The Poisoned Food n3/Cottonfist n17-(Split Fanzine-Ireland/Denmark-2005)

This is an amazing joint effort by two great fanzines active in the early 2000s.Lots of personal writings, ideas/critiques about the punk scene some interviews and music+zine reviews.I have found it very interesting.
Few words from other webpages: 
Split zine, 68 pages A5, with an A3 split poster. Written mostly on the theme of sexual assault, rape and gender in the punk scene, with lots of pieces on the various issues involved. Interview with INEPSY (Canada), and with 4 women (from Ireland/Brazil/Canada/Australia) on their experiences of sexism within the punk scene in Ireland and also where they´re from. Pieces also on Halloween (Samhain) in Ireland, it´s pagan roots, and the chaos it brings to the streets, and another on the tyranny of living in cities. Lots of zine & record reviews, drawings, photos and various other small pieces.(from Eirecore

Cotton Fist was written by Eric. He started the zine in 1997 after coming across various zines and freesheets and feeling they weren’t dealing with subjects that he was interested in, such as animal liberation, animal rights, and anti-fascism, which would make up the content of early issues, along with record and cider reviews. Getting more aware of other zines and avenues of writing, Eric tried to put more of a personal perspective on political issues. The last issue of Cotton Fist , which was the 17th issue, was a split zine with another Dublin punk zine Bite the hand that feeds the poisoned food and was released in 2005.
Over the years of doing Cotton Fist Eric expanded its distribution from purely local by sending it for trade/ review to other zines and to various shops, distros and individuals in Australia, North America and all over Europe. 
Bite the hand that feeds the poisoned food is an anarcho-punk zine from Dublin, Ireland.
Bite the hand that feeds the poisoned food is put together by Cormy. It contains articles, interviews, music and zine reviews. It has had interviews with Bastard Youth, Niall McGuirk (who used to write React zine), Tom Inglis and Conor (who used to write King of the Sad People). The articles often are of a personal/political nature. The last issue was a split zine with another Irish punk zine, Cotton Fist.(from Zinewiki)
Enjoy it.
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Thursday, 15 February 2018

v.a.-DRY LUNGS-A Compilation Of Industrial Music From Around The World-(Placebo Records-USA-1985)

Amazing compilation released on vinyl and cassette in 1985 by the American Placebo Records.
It offers us a great selection of tracks and artists from the very new wave of industrial music emerging in the early 80s.
Placebo Records was born in 1979, primarily as a punk label in Phoenix, Arizona with a handful of electronic/noise releases, notably the early parts of the 'Dry Lungs' series. Main early label for Phoenix skate-punkers JFA. Assumed defunct.
Enjoy it.


Controlled Bleeding Scourge Tides 5:48
Etant Donnes* Le Coeur Sert Le Corps 3:09
Neo Zalanda* A Presto 1:14
Esplendor Geometrico* Untitled 2:51
Toll Brute Freeze 2:10
Vivenza Unite Concrete Un Bruit 3:02
HNAS* / Mieses Gegonge Ein Winter Ohne Hautprobleme 4:12
Jarboe Walls Are Bleeding 2:34
Merzbow Vermin With Carcass 3:35
P16D4* - Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant* No! No! 2:47
Maybe Mental Premystery 3:36
Le Syndicat Full Of Shit 2:13
Sleep Chamber The Beast 666 2:21
John Duncan Hanoi 4:14
P231* / Ankh (2) Untitled 2:25
Dog As Master Disastrous Consequences 2:25
Problemist Crisis 2:2

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

ELECTRIC FUNERAL-D-Beat Noise Attack-(Voice From Inside Tapes-Ukraine-2014)

Originally released in 2010 by the Swedish Distort The World records And Tapes,this is instead the copy released 4 years after by the Ukrainian Voice From Inside.I have already written about this band when posted their tape Make A Change.
Electric Funeral plays a super distort crust punk raging political statements reported in the cover sleeve.
For all the fans of hyper distort fast d-beat crust punk this tape is a  good one.
Enjoy it.
~f(a*r~a}w~a{y ~

Sunday, 11 February 2018

ILEGAL N1-(Fanzine-Difusion Libertaria La Idea/Don`t Belong-Spain-2001)

First issue of this amazing Spanish zine released as a joint effort by the labels Don`t Belong and Disusion Libertaria La Idea.
Lots of columns with ideas about various political issues, interviews with Pequena Oruga Mecanica, Cruz Nera Anarquista, Zanussi, Skuld Releases, Nodo 50, Sin Dios,Posession +one comic story and lots of music reviews.
Very well done with a nice graphic layout, this is a great anarco-punk zine.
In Spanish language, only.
Enjoy it.
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Friday, 9 February 2018

BENDER-Jehovas Allstars-(Words Of Warning-UK-1996)

There are few bands with this name, this is the British band active in the 90s and this album is the follow up to their debut album Lost City Of Dalston.
They play a crossover genre mixing hip-hop, ska-punk, and funky/reggae passages.They remind me very much the style of Rage Against The Machine.
The cd comes with a nice booklet reporting lyrics and pictures.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

LIONEL DIXIT-No Edge-(Obsedante/Stoned To Death-Czech Republic-2014)

Lionel Dixit is a duo from Czech Republic playing experimental/tribal and improvised  noise music using different instruments.
This tape is recorded live in  2014 and it seems to be their first production,limited edition of 70 copies.
 A Discogs page about them is here while a blog talking about them is soya-experience blog and a bandzone page has also some of their tracks there.
 You`ll also find quite a few videos/songs on Youtube.
Enjoy it.