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Monday, 19 March 2018

Pintalo De Verde n5-(Mail Art Container-Spain+Global Networking-1991)

Pintalo De Verde was a mail art container created by the Spanish mail artist Antonio Gomez in the early 90s.

This is the issue number 5 and it contains artworks by 16 mail artists who sent him 20 copies of their artwork to be assembled in this zine/container.

Quite a few very good artworks with a free theme and free size too.
Enjoy it.
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This artwork by the mail artists Bernard J. Keller(Germany).    Acrylic on paper!-1991.

Saturday, 17 March 2018


6 songs on each side in this short tape by this band from Mexico City,some songs as short as only 30 seconds...yeah this,at some point, is pure powerviolence with screamed vocals.
The lyrics are reported in the folded cover sleeve.(all the relevant scans provided in this folder).
Their bandcamp page is here where you`ll find their last album as free download.
Enjoy it.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

v.a.-BODY FREQUENCIES-(Minus Habens Records-Italy-1995)

Amazing compilation with a great selection of artists playing abstract, noise, industrial, EBM and electronic spazzed out experiments.
 Minus Habens Records is the legendary Italian industrial and dark ambient label founded by Ivan Iusco in 1987 and still alive and kicking, its webpage is here.
Big Thanx to Amok Collective for this rip!
This cd will make happy everyone into electronic industrial music.
Enjoy it.
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1 Nightmare Lodge Tenia 3:34
2 Klänge Heart/Hertz Files (Live) 7:40
3 In Zhe Gaza Megakitsch Une Soirée A La Plage 1:54
4 Smell & Quim Your Enemy's Balls 2:30
5 Esplendor Geometrico* Veritatis Splendor 4:57
6 Origami (3) The Sensation Of... 4:16
7 Dive Power Of Passion 4:26
8 Kapotte Muziek The Body In Decay (Part 1) 5:18
9 Kebabtraume* D.O.C.S. 5:04
10 Recognition Test New Born (Dope Remix) 6:06
11 Implant Code Pulse 01 (Bio-Digital Symbiosis II) 5:31
12 Jouissance Father Of Lies 5:12
13 LOI Interceps Rose's Attack 3:18
14 Full Dynamic Range Trance (Dance) 8:02

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Levantadxs n3-(Fanzine-Mexico-2016)

30 b/w pages in this nice Mexican fanzine that mixes music, interviews, politics and cool graphics.

This issue offers us: Eristetyt tour report, interviews to Projetto Macabro, Graneos Rotos, Elysium Corp., articles about the World Meeting of Food Not Bombs in Tijuana(Mex), and the  massacre of Ayotzinapa + cool pics and flyers.

All in all a good fanzine in Spanish language with a spicy Mexican twist.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday, 11 March 2018

HOW LONG?-How Long?-(Czerwony Diabełek-Poland-1997)

How Long? is a Crust band from Ostrava/Karviná/Český Těšín, Czech Republic.This is their first production, some info ,and music on this bandzone page.
Czerwony Diabełek is a hardcore/crust/grind label and distributor from Poland.A Discogs page about it is here, I am not sure if it is still active.
Enjoy it. 

Studio Side
A1 Anticapital
A2 Jugosławia
A3 Świat Ślepych
A4 Krwawy Makijaż
A5 Równość I Pokój?
A6 War (Wojna)
A7 It's No TV Sketch
A8 Rozbij Granice
A9 Państwo Nienawiści
A10 Wojenny System
A11 Wojna (War)

Garage Sound
B1 Intro
B2 Rozbij Granice
B3 Nie! (Ne!)
B4 War Machine I
B5 Deport
B6 Dzieci Wojny
B7 F.M.L.
B8 War Machine II
B9 Bee...!
B10 Knajpa
B11 Ostatnia Bee...!


A1-A7 recorded in Trencin 24-28 june 1996.
A8-A11 recorded in C.Tesin 18-19 April 1996.
Side B recorded in the garage august 19

Friday, 9 March 2018

TRANCE/DAVID S. HASTINGS-Unyielding Firmament/Toy Box[Split Tape](Sounds For Consciousness Rape-France-1993)

Trance is Mason Jones.The earliest musical entity begun by Mason was called Trance. Starting in 1987, recordings under the name Trance were released on a number of small-edition cassettes, followed by CDs and singles. As a live venture, Trance included other participants over the years, including Elden M., Annabel Lee, Sam Lohmann, and others. Live collaborations under the guise of Trance included shows with Jim O'Rourke, Joe Papa, The Evolution Control Committee, and many more. The name "Trance" was retired after the word became inextricably intertwined with bad electronic music.His actual webpage is here.
No info about David S. Hastings.
Sounds For Consciousness Rape is a defunct French label active in the early '90s in the industrial/noise area and well-known for its limited edition releases.
Enjoy it.


Unyielding Firmament
A1 Trance Foundation
A2 Trance Ascension

Toy Box
B1 David S. Hastings Toy Box


Packaged with two j-cards (one transparent, one translucent) which, when overlapped, complete the full layout.


Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Rejected Band Names "Big Wheel" #7-(Fanzine-Usa-2001)

This is the personal fanzine by Jerianne Thompson, the editor of Zine World: a fantastic zine guide active for more than 10 years, I have posted the number 17 and number 18.
This issue named "Big Wheel" is the full true story of her sister`s death and all the facts happened soon after, her personal grief, depression and dealing with "the everyday life" after such a great loss.
I have found it very touching and, at the same time, somehow inspiring.
To finish I am going to attach the introduction that Jerianne wrote for this issue.
This is Underground Press at its best.Amazing fanzine.
Enjoy it.